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Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by homeshire, Apr 15, 2003.

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    am posting in various places because I'm desperate for a solution. I'm embarking on a family history which will include all the pictorial resources available to me. Among them are very old photos with a number of people who are or will be soon forgotten. I want to annotate those pictures, recording who these people are. Obviously, with an old photo and very little empty space in that photo, it would be difficult to annotate well or practically on the photo. Then I had the brilliant brainstorm that if I could create those boxes which appear from nowhere as you mouse over areas and widgets and such in certain apps, e.g. safari, and that those boxes contain text and annotation, how wonderful would that be? The perfect solution. The only problem is I don't know how to do it. Flash was mentioned, as well as DHTML, but I know nothing about these things, and have no money for expensive software. This seems such a brilliant and practical solution, possibly for any # of uses, but also for genealogy that I am amazed such a solution hasn't been put out there. Can anyone help me? thanks
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    Flash soulds like a good solution, but.... then again.. I know flash and not a lot of other solutions that would be viable for you. I think you can pick up Flash for $500 regular price but I think you can get it for under $100 if your a student or you can find a student that get it for you. Any university will have it in their book store at an EDU price. The only problem is... you will have the learn it. Flash is not intuitive so you will need to get some books on how to use it.... or have some nice person show you. You could so some things with HTML and frames.. but it wouldn't look as nice.
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    Re: Flash

    Yeah i agree, flash and Livemotion both have pretty steep learning curves but they do sound like the best solution as DHTML is hard to manually code if you dont know it and dreamworks and GoLive are both expensive as well.

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