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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 29, 2005.

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    Jul 5, 2003
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    Been trying out the demo, and...

    I've seen better graphics, that's for sure. It's pretty clean, and it could have been worse by far. At least it's not painful to the eye, like some other games I've seen.
    Too bad there's so few ways to customize your avatar. Three different classes with one appearance each. You can choose colour, and that's all. Donning armor won't change your appearance. I seriously miss that, but I guess I can live with it.

    I guess overall it's not too bad.. it's just that I've tried games that were much better looking, with more customization, that were the same (download) size. One of the negatives of not using a 3D engine, I guess.

    I like ADOM too, so I'm no graphics whore, but I do feel that good graphics can add much to a game.

    There's some background noises, and weapon-sounds and the like. Somewhat low audio quality. No music. Played the Dungeon Siege I soundtrack in the background instead.

    Not much to say about the audio, really.

    As for gameplay. I started playing as an Agent (that's some sort of rogue/wizard combo). The story hooked me, and didn't want to let me go. It has some nice characters and events. The two companions you get (an Agent and a Champion) actually have a few lines in various conversations, telling their opinions and reactions, which I like. The choices you make is supposed to have some wider effects, but I suppose I'm too early in the game to see any results...

    Combat seems fine. As long as it's not annoying, I don't really care. There's also some alternate paths to your quests. I've already talked my way through a few hostile encounters, and dragged some extra info out of some characters. Judging by the layout of the areas, it should also be possible to sneak past most of the combat, if you want. I just butcher everything, then explore the area to the last mm. Although sometimes you may have to come back later, when you're more powerful.

    One thing I find annoying is that, when in combat, if you don't have enough action points for a task, but attempt to do it anyway (usually by accident), it will just end your turn. Gee, thanks.
    Also, everything seem to weigh a lot. I'm constantly encumbered, even though my inventory is barely filled. Another annoyance. One thing I *do* like about it, however, is that encumberance only affect you in combat, and only there. You'll get fewer action points, and that's it. Much better than walking at snailspeed to the nearest village.

    Anyway... so far it's been a fun game, overall.

    Today I played Geneforge 3 instead of WoW and I don't really regret it.

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