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Discussion in 'Games' started by KooBrewoP, Nov 19, 2006.

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    Hi, i just got an intell mac and was wondering a few things about gaming on a mac:

    how much of a performance loss do you experience when running an old mac game that has not been re-mastered for an intell chip and has to be run through the emulation?

    Will a intell mac play a windows game faster than an equivalent windows machine?

    Now that intell macs can boot up in windows will there be less impetus for game producers to produce a mac version of their games?

    If you had a choice of a game with two versions out, (one for mac one running on windows), which would you choose, keeping in mind that the windows game will be a little cheaper? - is it always better to buy the mac game for the (maybe?) increased performance?

    sorry for the torrent of newbishness
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    Jun 29, 2006
    1. Depends on the game. Some games work extremely well, some do not.

    2. Not necessarily. It'll probably be about the same or a little less.

    3. That remains to be seen. I'd say no, as people who want to play a Mac game will want to play it under OS X, but the less platform-dependent among us may not care.

    4. Personally, I'd rather play a game under OS X. If it's not out for the Mac then I'll buy the PC version, but that isn't my preference.
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    Apple has done two things either really well or very bad, they are alienating the gamer and TV. For some reason the gamer/developer has allways been on the sidelines with the Tv guy? I would suggest running pc games through boot camp simply because you open up all the games you can play. Sure OSX is nicer but with the inabilty to run most games you are limited to those few made for Mac games. My guess is the Mac game makers will dry up or move to PC, Apple will be forced to play nice with made for microsoft games. Boot camp is a prime example and Apple wouldnt have done this unless they had a wrinkle.
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    Consoles FTW! :D None of this "sys reqs" rubbish...
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    You are looking at a considerable performance loss AND unstability, Rosetta emulation lacks G5 extensions and while its an impressive feat emulating the G4 like it does, its still not fast enough for modern games, old games will work fin, if they run stable that is.

    An Intel Mac will play a Windows game EXACTLY (IDENTICALLY, LIKE A MIRROR) like a Windows machine with the same specs.

    I would choose Windows because of better performance (games in OSX are slow :( ) and better feature set.

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