General Impressions of 9.7" iPad Pro - Question about learning to draw app?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by melman101, Jun 18, 2016.

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    Sep 3, 2009
    I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with my new iPad Pro 9.7". I am upgrading from an iPad Air 2 which is a completely amazing machine in its own right to be honest.

    I got a 32GB Wifi this time, instead of 64GB + Cellular that I have with my iPad Air 2. I still have that iPad. And I have a 128GB iPhone 6S+.

    I have to say that this time, the accessories were incredibly expensive. The Pencil, Silicon Case and the Smart Keyboard ran a hefty chunk of money. They have perfected the art of accessories by this time selling the case in two different pieces. I was in awe when I realized that the Smart Keyboard didn't have a back.

    Anyhow, I do love the iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard accessories. In fact I am using this to type this. It works extraordinarily well, and in some ways it feels better than the Macbook's keyboard.

    I also really like the true tone display. That makes a huge difference. I'm not going to be taking much video or photos on here so I can't really comment on the camera.

    The responsiveness of the device is incredible. It's definitely speedy. Alright, enough rambling, time to get back to ipading :) But first quick question:

    I do not know how to draw whatsoever. I was looking on and they have a foundations of drawing class but it uses *gasp* real world objects like pencils and stuff (LMAO just kidding). Are there any lessons of how to begin to start drawing with an iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil?

    TLDR; Love the iPad Pro. How can I start to learn how to draw with the Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro 9.7"
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    Google or search on YouTube witchever the drawing apps you want to try and use. Not always you can find something useful, but if the app is popular and many people use it ; like Procreate, Adobe Draw, Paper 53, there should be some turotials you can find on Internet.
    Myself got iPad Pro 12.9" last November when it first time came out and with Apple Pencil. I've been drawing by using Photoshop and Illustrator on my MacBook Pro before that, but on iPad/iPhone, I didn't have much interested into drawing seriously, just because of lack of good and fast enough responding pen to draw existed for iPad before Apple Pencil came out(This is my opinion after I used some stylus people were recommending for). I loved Apple Pencil right after I tried it first time, started drawing more seriously on my iPad Pro. I didn't like Adobe Draw and Paper so much, but loved Procreate. There're some basic things you gotta learn first for how to use that app, but this App has been giving me so much I can do with. I like having layers, I like their simple interface. And also Procreate has their own tutorial ish thing you can go to check from their app.
    But again, this is all what I like, I recommend you to try some different kind and be patience until you find something you can play around easier than other apps.
    iPad Pro and Apple Pencil has been giving a lot of people opportunity just have fun and experience digital drawing. I met many people on another thread, and there are people who never learn how to draw or even didn't try before, also people who said last time they drew was over 20 something years ago, and now they getting back to drawing because of iPad Pro/Apple Pencil. They are having fun :)
    I hope you can find something you can enjoy too!

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