Generals' concerns that the US is losing the war

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Sayhey, May 9, 2004.

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    May 22, 2003
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    From the Washington Post:

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    Feb 18, 2003
    Well. I definitely don't see the US out of Iraq for some time, and I do think that they will continue to suffer casualties as long as they are there, although a shift in policy may help cut down insurgent attacks, if it is not too late (not to be pessimistic). As for the goal of a "free and democratic Iraq"...I don't think that was ever the actual policy for the country, as it is a remarkably difficult endeavor for any country to undertake and I am not sure Iraq has the prerequisites for it to work effectively...if, by "democratic" the administration means only free and fair elections (facade of democracy), I am not sure that will be acheived either, as I doubt the US would like a popular vote which sides against their interests...I think from a pragmatic standpoint, the best course of action for the US to "win" or at least not lose, is to guide the country towards near-autonomous stability, probably by an oligarchy or autocracy, that is relatively benign and friendly to the US (either naturally, or by the influx of expertise, equipment and financial aid)...once a modicum of security is provided, I believe aid groups and other countries will happily provide added assistance...if done correctly(which I am dubious of) the transfer of power in the coming months could do much to take the strain off the military and allow them a little breathing room in terms of re-assesing strategy...assuming they have learned their lesson from the recent torture fiasco...I feel Kerry, if elected, might be able to save us from ourselves, not because he is necessarily gifted, but because he is a fresh face which will have great symbolic import to the rest of the world...
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    The reason we're losing the war is because our reasons for engaging in it in the first place have turned out to be bogus. We've found no WMD, Saddam had no ties to Osama, and granting liberty to the Iraqis has been discredited by our recent actions in Abu Ghraib and other places.

    In order to "win" the war, we must accomplish the goals originally set for us by our lying president. We must set up a new, democratic government in Iraq and let the Iraqis rule themselves. Since our troops show no signs of leaving, and our leaders only want to transfer "limited sovereignity", a stupid oxymoronic phrase, it has become obvious that the ends first envisioned by the people of America were not the ends envisioned by our leaders. And our means have turned out to be just as despicable as our perverted ends.

    Bush has no intention of letting Iraq rule itself, and he will use their continued hostility to our occupation as an excuse to keep the military there. Kerry may try to clean up the mess that Bush has made, but he could certainly do no worse.
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    I think it was probably lost on day one.

    First, we kindly gave plenty of notice we were coming.

    second, we never did ask the obvious question - where did all the chaps with the guns go? (cus we certainly didn't fight many)

    third, we won we won we won.

    And not a hint of the fat lady singing.

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