Generals Offer Sober Outlook on Iraqi War

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by zimv20, May 18, 2005.

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    There are permanent bases being build in Iraq. I think that this was known all along, with the caveat that they may have thought it would need significantly fewer troops committed.

    Given what this ongoing situation is doing to recruitment, there is a crises coming if we want to stay.

    That's just Iraq. If military action is taking against Iran, what are we going to do? Send all of our troops abroad?

    The madness is that we have a $400+ Billion dollar 'defense' (we do a lot more attacking than defending) budget and are still constrained by things like the number of personnel we have. On top of that, the budget that exists does not cover the cost of going to war. Which requires Billions, not just millions, more.

    Their corruption has been their undoing, and yet, who foots the bill?
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    And we'll be doing this completely alone. The coalition of the willing is losing most of its major contributors this year (those that haven't exited already). The only major contributors left are the UK and South Korea. I thought I read that the UK is hinting at scaling down. I guess we've got South Korea by the balls so they'll keep their 3000+ troops there, and the new NATO members in Eastern Europe are good for the timebeing, but their contributions are minimal (and funded by the US).

    Imperial overstretch. Afghanistan brought down the USSR. Afghanistan+Iraq will bring down the US?
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    Israel is a quiet partner is this endeavor as well. Though their role has been much understated. They may be the ones who make the actual strikes upon Iran.

    There is probably both a short term strategy and a long term strategy at work.

    Who knows though, in this Administrations form of Democracy, the public is kept in the dark. The goals are secret and the information and reasons released are all designed to support that goal.

    If we do spread our resources too think though, there is going to be failure in some areas. It may be Afghanistan, but it could just as likely be Iraq.

    Until there is some transparency in this Democracy, it seems that we are not going to really know what the leaders are up to until they start doing it.
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    i think iraq will ge much more problemativ ... at least i nafgahnsitan he US has help from the international community ... in iraq that's rather slim ("coalition" ;))
    afaik there are still french,german troops in afghanistan

    very important gonna by how the average iraqy will believe in to this government and new nation... was the biggest problem which the "first republic" (here in austria) had from 1918 to 1934: people were simply not believing in this (smaller ),weaker austria with it's unstable democracy so people were willing to go the road of the austro-fascism of the conservative-catholics and in 38 the "Anschluß" to germany...
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    You know, even if it were getting a little better, it's been so much of a mess up to this point it's just harder and harder to justify. The ends do not justify the means, and these means were not just. Bush and Co. better take off the rose colored glasses sometime, or the neocons are going to lose the next election while we're still trying to get out of there. It's kinda hard to fix something that you can't admit is broken. Look at M$. :p

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