Genius Bar exchange - iPad thinks I am someone else and SN was not registered

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Jermn8r, Aug 10, 2011.

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    I'm going to call up the Apple Store in the morning. Got a replacement iPad 2 today at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store in Charlotte, NC. The employee facilitating the exchange was a manager. He, without me even asking, told me that this was a new iPad because Apple doesn't have any refurbished units yet. When I got home and installed words with friends, I got a polite message saying "Welcome back, Crystal! We've detected that you have played another With Friends game on this device."

    I am not Crystal (whoever she may be). And this was the first time I had used the device. I'm guessing either someone played around with this device before me at the store (unlikely given the fact that I was there for a whole 5 minutes) or this iPad 2 is a refurbished unit and the app is looking up information based on the device's UDID.

    I went to look up the serial number on Apple's website and found it hadn't been registered -- the support site prompted me for my purchase date. Aren't the employees supposed to register your device before you leave the store? Furthermore, I didn't receive any documentation (a repair receipt or whatever) from the genius bar regarding my exchange. I asked for one but he say "it was in the system." I'm concerned about what may happen if I have to take this thing in for repairs -- I have no documentation proving that this iPad was sold to me.

    The manager gave me his card*before I left the store. Giving him credit, he seemed like a real nice guy. Tomorrow, I'm going to call and see what is going on.

    I was told this was a new unit, but clearly it wasn't. I don't care if it is new or refurbished, I am just kind of weirded out by the whole situation. Weirded out that an app thought I was someone else, weirded out that the manager told me it was brand new but it wasn't, weirded out that an app thought I was someone else, and weirded out that the device was not registered (despite being activated at the store by the manager) when I looked up the iPad's serial number.

    This unit is pretty good, though. The screen is perfect -- not filled with dust like my old iPad.

    Anyways, I will keep you all posted tomorrow.
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    Ok, well, i have been to the apple store in charlotte for replacements for my iPad (they know me there) The store in general is not very good with keeping up the apple quality of tech support. I have had 2 less then satisfactory experiences there(now that my iPad case is closed, they are back to being nice to me again). I actually think that Crystal is an apple employee, i think i remember a genius telling me their name was Crystal, just could have been that. Does your new one have ANY problems? Whats your serial number?
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    The iPad's screen is great... and I used it for two hours yesterday before the battery reached 90%. There are a few nicks around the bezel, but that seems to be common even in sealed iPads (I know because my original iPad 2 had similar nicks). I really want to keep this iPad.

    I am mainly concerned with how the serial number wasn't registered at the store in my name and how someone else's name popped up after installing an app. Apple's website shows this new iPad being covered by AppleCare until next May, despite the original iPad being purchased in March. I'm sort of worried that I will have issues down the road if I need to get it exchanged.

    Really though, I'm disappointed in the whole experience.
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    I have never received a printed document for an warranty exchange. You should receive an email with the information of the issue and the "cost of the repair". No, you did not and will not have to pay the amount listed in the email but it provides "cost value".

    The email title is: Your Apple Store Work Authorization & Service Confirmation. Do you have a current valid email address in the Apple system. You can check next time you are in the store.

    For example: I had my original iPad 3G replaced due to a failed backlight.


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