George F. Will explains the true value of Donald Trump

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    George Will wrote a column over the weekend that I missed, but is an interesting take on the presidency of Donald Trump. In it, he explains why Trump is an executive that the United States of America has needed for a very, very long time:

    Trump is something the nation did not know it needed: a feeble president whose manner can cure the nation’s excessive fixation with the presidency.

    Executive power expanded, with only occasional pauses (thank you, Presidents Taft and Coolidge, of blessed memory), throughout the 20th century and has surged in the 21st. After 2001, “The Decider” decided to start a preventive war and to countenance torture prohibited by treaty and statute. His successor had “a pen and a phone,” an indifference to the Constitution’s take care clause (the president “shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed”) and disdain for the separation of powers, for which he was repeatedly rebuked by the Supreme Court.

    Fortunately, today’s president is so innocent of information that Congress cannot continue deferring to executive policymaking. And because this president has neither a history of party identification nor an understanding of reciprocal loyalty, congressional Republicans are reacquiring a constitutional — a Madisonian — ethic. It mandates a prickly defense of institutional interests, placing those interests above devotion to parties that allow themselves to be defined episodically by their presidents.​

    Will is not my favorite opinion writer, but I think he's got a decent point here.
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    If American society is suffering a form of political syphilis, then I'm not sure that Donald Trump's dose of toxic mercury is really the cure we've been looking for.
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    I liken it more to this video. While I'm not sure where the Republican voter base is right now, I think their representatives are currently about twelve seconds into this video (Trump's cameo begins around the seventeen second mark):

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