Germany: over 91,000 asylum-seekers arrived in January

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    Poor Germans [Merkel excluded] were hoping that winter would bring a little respite from the tidal wave of human misery heading their way, but it was not to be. 91K in Jan alone, we can assume the numbers will swell even further with the onset of spring, and reports of 100,000s fleeing the latest government/rebel offensives in Syria.
    They are still coming in droves, spurred on by Merkels cackling love calls, and desperately afraid the dumb infidels will soon come to their senses and actually start defending their borders.

    1 thing is certain, this is unsustainable. The population of Syria [and other destitute, violent mostly muslim nations] cannot be allowed to simply bash down Europe's borders, squat and demand handouts for life for them and their entire extended families. Something concrete must be done to dissuade these people from wanting to roost in Europe. Or better yet, take away that option all together. The solution is actually very simple, all that is lacking is the will and principled leaders to implement common sense defensive/social policies .


    More than 91,000 asylum seekers arrived in Germany last month, the government said Thursday, underlining the pressure the country faces to diminish the influx of migrants.

    The Interior Ministry said 91,671 people were registered as asylum seekers in January, compared to 127,320 who arrived in December. Officials have said that winter weather was the driving force behind the decline.

    Germany, which has some 80 million inhabitants, has seen more migrants arrive than any other European country. Nearly 1.1 million came last year and officials are keen to ensure that the figures are lower this year. Chancellor Angela Merkel insists that diplomacy is the key to a solution, and has resisted pressure for unilateral measures such as a cap on refugee numbers.

    However, the government has moved to toughen asylum policies and has gradually toughened its tone. Last weekend, Merkel said Germany expects Syrians and Iraqis to return home when Syria's civil war is over and the Islamic State group is defeated.

    On Tuesday, the Cabinet approved a package of measures that include using special centers to quickly progress migrants who have little realistic chance of winning asylum. It also means some Syrians may have to wait longer to bring relatives to Germany.

    Syrians were again the largest single group arriving in Germany in January, accounting for 35,822 of the total. They were followed by Iraqis and Afghans — more than 18,000 came from each country — and much smaller numbers of Iranians and Moroccans.

    The government plans to declare Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia safe countries of origin following a recent increase in new arrivals from North Africa, who have very little chance of being granted asylum. That would make it easier to return migrants to those countries, something Germany already did last year for several Balkan nations.
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    Sounds like a good time to invest in a German rape investigation medical kit company.

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