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Jul 16, 2002
Doesn't everyone get it?

.Mac IS Apple's implementation of RENDEZVOUS. Look here (from Apple's Site):

Randevous Rendezvous makes the automatic discovery of available computer services possible on standard Internet Protocol networks. Based on ZeroConf and the IP standard DNS service, Rendezvous lets you connect to such networks without having to fiddle with settings. You can connect your computers and peripherals together however you like — wirelessly over AirPort and by physical connections such as FireWire or Ethernet. Additionally, Rendezvous provides a service-centric view of the network, so you can quickly tell what’s available.

Rendezvous makes it simpler than ever to find printers and remote files — and it also opens the door for a brand new way of networking. As a technology demo, at WWDC 2002, Apple showed the use of Rendezvous to make iTunes into a music jukebox for your whole house. You could keep all your music on the iMac in the den, and then listen to the iMac’s playlists using iTunes on your iBook connected to the living room stereo. The only configuration panel you’d ever see is iTunes itself.
See? I have looked at screenshots (I do NOT have Jaguar) and it is pretty apparent.

For example, there is a ".Mac screensaver" option. That is OTHER PEOPLE ON YOUR NETWORKS pictures folders!
And in the help for Jaguar, it says iTools is a .Mac service! Log in (in system prefs) with your .Mac name - for iChat for example, or Mail. See?

Unless this is all just out-of-date or misinformation.:D

Etc... or am I drawing completely the wrong conclusions:confused:

JG of Borg


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Apr 10, 2002
This sounds like an alright theory, but I think everyone is getting way to amped about .mac Honestly, I figgure its just a new reference name that incorporates services.


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Jan 9, 2002
Austin, TX
Rendezvous is for local networks only. It's used so that people on the same network can 'see' each other, and share files without having to mess with the settings. I don't think that apple could make it part of their .mac thing...


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Sep 30, 2001
No no no. You've got it all wrong bub.

Rendevouz is just something to replace the good but aged Appletalk. It has to do with connecting to local networks and has nothing to do with .mac. From what I saw, the .mac services had to do with the internet and iTools, not local networks. You could say have a slideshow of your (itools subscribed) friends recent pictures off of the internet.
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