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    Feb 10, 2010
    Word Warrior™ is an Role Playing Word Game now Available on iPhone and iPod Touch

    Thousands of years ago, The Word King waged a grand war and banished all evil from the land. Fearing one day evil would return he sealed what is most precious in The Great Library of the Kings. Only the King alone could ever open the doors to The Great Library, so he gave his life and split his soul into seven different pieces.

    As many years passed, the seven spirits became weakened. The great spirits became corrupt and conjured evil once more into the world. Never had such evil prevailed upon the land. The great spirits had become nearly unstoppable. Only the prophesied ‘Word Warrior’ could restore peace into the world by vanquishing the evil and reuniting the spirits of the Word King.

    * The player must use wit and word knowledge to battle waves of enemies and progress through the world
    * Defeat the enemies before the ‘Word Warrior’s’ life is depleted!
    * Multiple battle modes (i.e. 5 letter words, words that start with R, etc.)
    * Use elemental letter tiles to deal extra damage.
    * Fully customizable character!!
    * Thousands of combinations of armor/weapons.
    * Different items give different upgrades!

    Hours of gameplay. No game is the same twice! Full gameplay info and tutorials accessible from the main menu.
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    Feb 10, 2010
    Word Warrior - What's new in Version 1.2

    We listened to your concerns and we have come out with the following updates.


    ***New Easy Mode
    ***Now Works on 3G Phones
    ***Various Bug Fixes
    ***Increased Responsiveness
    ***Invalid Word Messages
    ***Super Bonus Damage for Large Word Attacks

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Your 5 star reviews will keep these updates coming!

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