Getting a company verizon phone, what is my best bet to get iPhone 4S?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by LyricalMenace, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. LyricalMenace macrumors member

    Aug 8, 2010
    I currently have an iPhone4 on AT&T I pay for personally. My company offers to pay a basic plan for company phone and I have been waiting for a new iPhone to dump mine and switch over to verizon.

    I plan to sell my phone and pay my ETF for AT&T because I will save money in the long run.

    Now what is my best bet to get the new iPhone? My boss isn't the one in charge of ordering the actual phone so I have to call the guy and explain to him what I want.

    Will I get the contract price for the new 4S or does that depend on what plan or contract the company is on? It will be a new line.

    Also I would like to keep my current phone number and transfer it to the new verizon 4S.

    Is there anyway I can preorder the phone myself and maybe be able to give apple or another store certain information if I am able to get it from my company or do I have to order it through my company?

    Also any way I can get the phone at full price if I have to and then get refunded once the service gets turned on and contracted under my company?
  2. Virance macrumors regular

    Oct 1, 2011
    These are really questions for your company, not MacRumors.
  3. bpeeps macrumors 68020


    May 6, 2011
    Sounds like he doesn't want his company to know he's getting a new iPhone.
  4. LyricalMenace thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 8, 2010
    Not the case at all but I have a feeling when I call the guy to tell him I want the new iPhone he is not going to understand and think I am crazy if I tell him he needs to act fast and preorder it lol. They give you choice of phone you pick it and add any extra features you want to your plan and auto deduct from your pay check.

    And I know I should call the company and ask them but I figured I would ask here and see if anyone had any similar experience to share with me.

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