Getting an External DVD Burner compadible with iDVD

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    Apr 20, 2004
    I am getting a combo drive 15" al powerbook. I eventually want to upgrade to an external SuperDrive to save money. I know that you can put in apple made SuperDrives or some 3rd parties that are compadible but they will void the warrenty :( .

    I hear that you need a Pioneer dvr-107 burner and an external enclosure or you can use an easter egg thing (what ever that is- I don't want to do anything with programing). Is there a certain model of dvr-107 burner you need becuase when i have looked at there specs most of them say there for windows and no information about MACs. So when i get the appropriate drive i put it in the enclosure and plug it in. So say if I was in iMovie i would just press burn dvd or what ever an it would know to go to the external or is there something special you have to do.

    I would really like to get this information straight

  2. belf8st macrumors member

    Feb 10, 2004
    I'm sorry if I confused you earlier from the other thread. The pioneer dvr-107 will work with mac os x 10.3.3. Here's a link to a vendor that specializes in selling upgrades for mac hardware.

    The previous versions of the pioneer dvr series will also work. the concern with the dvr-107 was that it is relatively new and is an 8x burner.
    You'll notice that there are other external/internal dvd burners that are compatible with mac os x. I chose the pioneer simply because i've read that it worked with idvd after using the "fix" provided here. -

    The following link is to a thread that was discussed on another forum that talks about the unofficial patch to idvd. you'll see that you can download the files discussed in the thread and extract the files into your home directory.

    Easter eggs are hidden features and effects that were deliberately placed in a software program by the developers. Not sure if this feature in idvd would be classified as an easter egg or a simple hack/workaround. :)

    If you google for "idvd external dvd burners" you'll find that many people have gotten this to work. remeber though, this won't be supported by apple. :)

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