Getting an Ibook 101- I need help!

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    Nov 26, 2003
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    1) Yes, you can open and edit Microsoft Word document files with Apple's TextEdit program (included on OS X 10.3). The iBook does not, however, come with Word or Office. TextEdit, while it can be used for producing files, is relatively limited. I believe iBooks (not sure) come with AppleWorks, which is Apple's (extremely old) "Office" suite. Both TextEdit and AppleWorks can produce compatible files, although AppleWorks defaults to .cwk files, which you would have to change in the save dialogue. Many people find AppleWorks to be lacking, though, so you may want to consider purchasing Microsoft Office/Word. If you are in college, Microsoft offers a significantly discounted version of Office (I believe its $150, but I could be wrong) for students & teachers. Moreover, I have seen it for much less at my school ($70)!

    2) I have never purchased refurbished from Apple, sorry... I don't think you can purchase refurbished hardware from the Retail stores, however. In any case, I do not believe you would find any refurbished iBook G4's yet, as they are relatively new...

    3) I have only used my iPod a few times while on my bike, although I use it a lot in the car. Thus far, my iPod has been replaced once for Hard Drive related problems (stopped functioning after a few weeks) but the one I have now has been good thus far (~9 months). I think the first one was just defective.

    Good luck with your iBook won't regret it! (typing this on a 2 yo iBook)...

    BTW, there is another thread here about a person in a very similar situation to your own...

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