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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 8, 2008.

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    Link: Getting iCal, Entourage, Exchange and iTunes to play together nicely

    Out of the box the iPhone is supposed to sync effortlessly with Entourage. While that’s the claim, in the past I’ve had more than my share of issues. Sometimes the syncing just doesn’t work, other times it syncs from the iPhone to Entourage but not back again. I’ve tried a number of “fixes” in the past and a couple of months ago I couldn’t take the strange behavior anymore so I moved to just iCal and left Entourage out of the equation.

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    If the .Mac relaunch rumours are to be believed, I sincerely think that Apple will have cracked the syncing issues within its own products to a great extent, come OS 2.0.
    If the iPhone is going to be in the Enterprise, it's going to need very good syncing for calendars, contacts etc.
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    That is true. With apple having invested in business applications/compatibility for the iPhone they cannot afford to ignore the syncing issues with entourage and other microsoft products.

    I thought that they solved this with the announcement of the SDK?

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