Getting the most out of my re-discovered Dreamcast

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Zedsdead185, Jan 13, 2009.

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    Sep 14, 2006
    Heya guys,

    Whilst clearing through my room to set out for uni the other day I stumbled across my old and trusty dreamcast. After blowing the dust from the top I felt overwhelming waves of memories flooding back and couldn't help but plug it into my tv there and then. Man i forgot how much i loved the games on this old gem. Also makes me think that sega have gotten real lazy nowadays, but thats a story for another day.

    The reason I'm saying this anyway is i want to get the most out of my dreamcast again and after googling many questions, could only find webpages dating back to 2000 when the dreamcast cast was still 'alive'. So I thought 'Why not ask the swell guys at macrumors! They kno good computer hardware when they see it! Someones bound to kno a bit about dreamcasts!'

    So here I am. Just wondering if anyone can unveil any secrets that might enhance the dreamcast experience for me in this year 2009. I also have a couple of specific questions if anyone can have a shot at answering for me.

    :apple:-I would like to connect to the internet with it again, but I only have an ethernet connection in my room, and am not willing to pay bucketloads for the dreamcast broadband adaptor off ebay. Anyone kno anyway i can cheat and connect somehow? even if its not really the best connection i won't mind. surely theres a way to do it through a mac.
    :apple:-I used to love the idea behind the vmu. The only problem was the short battery life, and the fact that the batteries weren't exactly easy to find. Is there any way to connect the vmu to an external power supply or something along the lines in order to play it without draining batteries?
    :apple:-Theres a game which some of you may or may not of heard of for the dreamcast that goes by the name of 'seaman'. I would very much like to play it, but it was only released in japan and north america, and I live in the UK. I have found a import game boot disk image off the internet which i can use to boot any imported game (its called utopia and from what I've read up it turns out it was legal for some reason so please don't hurt me). What i would like to kno is if anyone knows anywhere other than ebay where i could look for 'seaman'? Ebay is either too expensive, or only comes with the disk (its supposed to come with a microphone as well)

    Right, i think thats it. I don't kno whether anyones gonna be able to answer any of these questions but hey, i'll never kno if i don't ask. Thanks in advance guys. ;)
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    Jun 5, 2003
    Costa Rica
    I recently bought a Saturn from eBay, and one of the best sources of information regarding games, accesories, etc I found for old Sega consoles is You can check out the store as well, I will be getting the Saturn battery (same as VMU I think) and 4m unit soon from there.
    There's nothing like ol'school 2D Shooters. :D
  3. XnavxeMiyyep macrumors 65816


    Mar 27, 2003
    I still play my Dreamcast (primarily for Soulcalibur and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) but I've been meaning to get a copy of Seaman too.

    Also been meaning to develop my own DC game, but who knows when I'll actually do that?:D

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