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    I would like to use this thread to share information and get feedback on a free app a few of us have been working on for awhile. Once you have started to configure the app and get used to it you'll hopefully love it. More detail below. Anyway, please try the app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gidjit-smart-launcher-with-widget/id1179176359?mt=8, check back for updates and tutorials, and leave feedback - positive or very positive :). JK any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    The idea of Gidjit is to give you the ability to access many of your daily actions in the least amount of time as possible (preferably around 3 seconds from sight of screen). To do this Gidjit hides and shows preconfigured Panels (groups of actions) based on location, time of day, network, iBeacon region, AI, and more. Launch apps, play music, listen to podcasts, contact someone, read your favorite news feeds, trigger home automation, run your React Native μApps, and more. It also features a Widget (QuickView) allowing you to access the same functionality outside of the app.

    MainScreen.jpeg WidgetImage.jpeg

    How Gidjit works:

    1. First begin by adding Panels. Panels are like dynamic folders with a selected measure that dictates when they appear or hide, including:

    * Your proximity to a location (home, office, gym, etc.)
    * Your proximity to an iBeacon
    * When a specific Bluetooth device is detected
    * A specified time of day
    * Connecting to a specified Wi-Fi network, or
    * Based on motion/activity (running/driving)

    2. Once you add a Panel you can begin to associate actions with it.

    Actions include:
    • Play a podcast or music
    • Display a ‘Contacts’ shortcut (call, text, facetime, email, etc.),
    • Control a Smart Home device (HomeKit, Nest, SmartThings)
    • View the latest news, blogs, or sports feed
    • Trigger a Smart Home scene/routine
    • Launch built-in iOS apps (News, iTunes, Photos, etc.)
    • Launch apps from the app store (games, music, social media, etc.)
    • Launch your or others React Native μApps
    • if you do not find the features you were hoping for you can add your own custom React Native action and use Gidjit to contain, launch, and execute it from within the app.
    • please take a look at a simple demo and tutorial at https://github.com/gidjituser/HelloReact
    There is more detail in the description of the AppStore page https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gidjit-smart-launcher-with-widget/id1179176359?mt=8. You can find video tutorials from the app in the help screen and I will be adding more information in the future. Currently Gidjit works on iOS 10 and has not been tested on 11 yet. Thanks!
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    I love the app and widget. It reminds me a lot of some other Launcher widgets out there, but it has some unique features. I would love to see the option though to reduce the iconsize in the widget.
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    Thank you for taking the time to try the app out and giving feedback! I will add widget iconsize to our list of todos.

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