GL Golf, Standard Version Now Only $0.99

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 27, 2009.

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    Link: GL Golf, Standard Version Now Only $0.99
    Description:: I’m not a golfer..but I play one on TV. Something like that but the point is finally we have some viable golf action for the iPhone in the form of GL Golf from Nuclear Nova Software. It’s not a sim but rather a casual golf action game that makes it easy to hit the links from your armchair. The core gameplay is the same in all versions so the difference is you get 4 courses and ads with Lite, 6 courses with standard (reviewed here) and a whopping 23 courses with deluxe, booya. There’s a detailed array of options to customize your game, allowing you to select how many players (up to 4 for hot-seat), front/back 9 or all 18 holes, difficulty level, time of day, ball color and season. I found it too much of an eyestrain to play in anything but daytime but challenge-seekers might appreciate the dusk and dawn settings. The game is rendered in full 3D and the GL stands for OpenGL in case anyone was wondering. There’s no music but you can play your own and the sound fx are sparse but what’s there is realistic and effective. By divine grace the developer opted for a simple touch interface so you don’t have to swing your phone around like a loon. Incoming calls are handled gracefully as the game saves automatically.

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    And now I'm buying it.

    I have the Lite version for my iPhone and didn't fancy paying few quid for it. For £0.59, I'll happily pay that for a wee game that just makes those long bus journeys a bit more fun.
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    +1 ^^^ Same on this end. Like the Lite version, so I'll purchase the standard version right about now...:)
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    For .99, I'll get it as well. Like the original GL Golf, I've found several bugs in the iPhone version (like the game sometimes choosing a pitching wedge when I'm on the green). And if you haven't tried this: hit the ball away from the fairway -- far away -- and keep going. Weird things start to happen. But the price is now right for this diversion.
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    Thanks for the comments guys! I'm glad I'm able to offer this at $0.99, so far I've gotten alot of good feedback since more users are able to buy the game.

    Jay - I just went ahead and fixed the part about hitting too far away, along with a few other bugs. I'm adding a new club and had to tweak the club selection code, so hopefully it will give you the extended putter (30-60 yards) instead of the pitching wedge.

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