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    Global rights pledge under considerable strain: UN

    UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour has criticised the global response to terrorism, warning that the international community's pledge to uphold freedom and security is under "considerable strain".
    "As we commemorate International Human Rights Day 2004, the vision and the promise contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are under considerable strain," Ms Arbour said.
    "Few of us are free from fear; many us are still not free from want.
    "The sinister shadow of terrorism is generating a confused response, unanchored in the principles that have guided us in the search for a proper balance between our desire for collective security and our need for liberty and individual freedom."
    UN human rights officials have repeatedly raised concerns about detainees held in the US military base in Guantanamo Bay as well as abuse in the US-run Abu Ghraib jail in Baghdad.
    Ms Arbour's office has also sharply criticised mass human rights violations in Sudan's strife-torn western region of Darfur this year, where 1.5 million people have fled attacks during an 18-month-old conflict.
    She is urging the UN's member states to protect human rights and not to become "prisoners of a culture of fear and an ideology of exclusion and arrogance".
    Ms Arbour also sides with a UN reform panel, noting that grievances have been nurtured by poverty, abuse and intolerance while terrorist groups prey on weak states.
    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a global pledge to protect life, liberty and security, was adopted by the UN's member states on December 10, 1948.
    A rotating group of 53 UN member states meet once a year in Geneva in the UN Commission on Human Rights to review observance of those principles.
    Human rights groups have sharply criticised the assembly in recent years for failing to take action against states that repeatedly resort to abuse.
    - AFP
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    THERE ARE...... No rights, save those that are of a democratic and lawful
    nature, for as such then, the rights of the one, are as the rights of the many.

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