Global warming critic research proves... (?)

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    Granted, this is based on 2% of the 1.6 Billion measurements they are going to analyze, but it's an interesting and unexpected admission from the skeptics assigned this task. Science really doesn't care about your politics no matter how much your politics cares about science.
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    *Puts on flame-proof vest in preparation*

    Even if climate change is 100% conclusively proven to be human caused, I would still argue that wealth creation is the best way to combat it. Florida floods...move. Can't farm in Mexico anymore, Canada now becomes farmable.
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    Fear not, amusing satire is always appreciated :)
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    So exactly what the Chinese have been doing?
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    Wealth creation? :confused:

    If Florida became uninhabitable and Mexico become unarable there'd be a tremendous loss of wealth.

    How is a person who loses his house or farm going to have the means to move to Canada to start all over again?
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    Indentured servitude?
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    Everyone knows that "climategate" and the like are complete bunk. Here's a nice in depth debunking that was sent to Sen. James "proud to be named Earth's number one enemy" Inhofe.

    The PDF is rather extensive, so I doubt anyone will actually read it. I doubt Inhofe read it, either. Or anyone in Congress, for that matter, but it shows that "Climategate" was an attempt to falsify the hypothesis of climate change and that it failed to do so.
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    LOL. Climte gate showed the world that junk science and data suppression are the norm amongst these fraudsters, and that they'll stoop to any level to "prove" their preposterous theories. These global warming "scientists" are laughing stocks.
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    This should be rich.
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    A link to what? A summary of Climategate? I'll let you flex your google-muscles on that one.
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    Any "science" backed by Koch money. Isn't that good enough for you? ;)
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    LOL, no.

    But it's not all bad news: your "post" has been "entered" in the MacRumors "Best Use of Sarcastically-Intended Quotations" "competition" for "2011." Good luck!
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    Here's something for ya, to post in threads like these:
    Use this pic with my compliments!:D
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    It's always good to view things with a critical eye. Once the science is thoroughly proven, however, it's time to move on. Let's move on to solutions.

    PS. I have a chicken coop in the backyard for rent to any Mexican or Floridian who can get his ass up here.
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    And where should the 160 million people in Bangladesh go? Assuming that "wealth creation" focuses on just those most likely to be affected by climate change—and we'll assume that the loss of bread baskets in the US, Russia, and Europe will be counteracted by gains in Canada, etc.—there's still the fundamental problem of moving millions from their current homes to new locations. Even 18 million people in Florida would represent a massive shift in people and infrastructure and that's assuming that wealth presents symmetrically.
    Even with several big 'ifs' you have a major problem that won't be solved with money alone.

    You mean how after the dust settled the scientists were cleared of any scientific misconduct? That the hacked emails were taken out of context by people who stood to gain political points? That even if "climate gate" was entirely true, this doesn't change the wide scientific inquiry done by hundreds of scientists over a period of thirty years.

    Of course, if you really cared you would read the report.
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    First result on google.

    Well, look at that, overwhelming consensus that there was little to worry about in the leak except for some transparency issues, and that the science behind it is still as strong as ever.
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    Jun 2, 2007
    Ehh . . . did you see the PDF? The one that shows there was no suppression of evidence? What on earth would scientists gain my unanimously supporting global warming?

    Since the political elite and capitalist giants all oppose global warming, money would (and does) flow to those who try to falsify it. Those who support it, by and large, get nothing other.
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    From that article:

    The "rigour and honesty" of the scientists at the Climatic Research Unit were found not to be in doubt.[15] The panel found that they did not subvert the peer review process to censor criticism as alleged, and that the key data needed to reproduce their findings was freely available to any "competent" researcher

    Just to re-iterate your point :).

    As for arguments of somehow "creating wealth" regardless of climate change, well thats a remarkably silly thing to say. Not only will a significant amount of important land mass be lost. But our oceans will significantly increase in PH thanks to the formation of carbonic acid and the introduction of large amounts of PH 7 fresh water compared to the oceans current PH of roughly 8.14.

    A MAJOR change with enormously wide reaching consequences. Ocean acidification in conjunction with massive over fishing, population manipulation, pollution etc. may be the final nail in the coffin of marine biodiversity.

    ...which is bad (for the economy AND the environment)

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