Gloucester, MA Police Drug Policy

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    Gloucester, Massachusetts, probably best known for the high school girls who made the "pregnancy pact" (where 18 high school girls became pregnant in 2008) is in the news again, but this time for something I see as ver good.

    Apparently due to the heinous number of opiate overdoses recently in Massachusetts, the police department has agreed to not arrest people on drug possession if they agree to seek treatment. Given all the money spent on legal fees, I think it's excellent they're encouraging addicts to seek treatment.

    I work a lot in the addiction medicine field and have been told numerous times by those in recovery that once an addict receives treatment, drug use is never quite the same. Now aware of the extent of consequences (especially beyond themselves) and fact they have a problem, relapses evoke much greater feelings of remorse and shame. Additionally, not all addicts realize their addiction can be treated, so this is a fantastic way to get them in the door. I do not believe people's lives should be completely ruined by drugs. Addiction can happen to anyone, even intelligent, educated, and otherwise good people. Addiction should be recognized as a disease, not a choice. I hope to see programs like this expand in the future.

    The wording used seems a bit vague, if not strange. I imagine they will not be offering the same forgiveness to those caught allegedly dealing drugs, which sounds reasonable.

    "'Any Addict Who Asks for Help Will NOT Be Charged"
    On a side note, it's also great that the police are pushing for Narcan in their communities. A shockingly low number of police departments arm their officers with this, and police are often in the first responders in many communities. I volunteer for a program attempting to put this in the hands of all police and fire departments. Narcan can quickly, easily, and very effectively reverse what could be a fatal overdose.
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    I can't imagines going far in other places all the profit lost and and all the cops and jail staff and all the legal staff suffering from less arrests. e are a nation of criminals and it is very profitable.

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