GoCal (Google Calendar™ support) - Manage your time faster with your Google Calendar.

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    GoCal - Productive solution for your Google Calendar™.

    "An impressive calendar for iOS that utilizes Google Calendar." - 148apps.com

    ★ Time management - optimized
    Google Calendar™ synchronization and integration capabilities for you - or your secretary. Manage your time wherever you are, making sure you don't miss a single appointment.

    ★ Plan your schedule
    With GoCal, you have four different ways to stay on top of your schedule. Regardless if you want a day, week, month or a 'what's next' list view - GoCal has your schedule covered.

    ★ Reminders made easy
    Use GoCal's event reminders to your advantage. Whether you need to set an actual reminder about something coming up or an excuse to leave - set your reminders to let you know via alert, Email or even by SMS.

    ★ Invite people
    Making plans and want someone to be there? It’s easy as one-two-Email me! Simply add a participant to an event, and they’ll be notified straightaway about your plans.

    ★ Slick user experience
    GoCal has been designed from square one so not only will you be on time every time, but the sleek and elegant user interface will keep you coming back for more.

    ★ For your device
    Designed for everyone’s schedule, regardless of device. GoCal supports every generation of iPhone. So whether you have Apple’s new iPhone 4 with amazing Retina display or are a die-hard iPhone 1st generation fan - GoCal will keep you organized.

    For more info about GoCal visit our web site: gocal.info


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    Nov 18, 2009
    Version 2.4.0 Released

    What's new

    New features:
    ✓ Synchronization is no longer blocking the user interface

    ✓ Moved settings to the main view
    ✓ Moved calendar button next to display type picker

    ✓ Fixed the problems with searching events by title
    ✓ Fixed performance issues
    ✓ Fixed minor user interface incorrectness

    Coming soon:
    Recurrent events, we know about the need of this feature and we work hard to get you this as soon as possible.


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    Nov 18, 2009
    Version 2.5.0 released

    What's new

    ✓ Completely rewritten the application.
    ✓ Improved overall speed, making everything much snappier.
    ✓ Improved the quickness and functionality of the settings panel.
    ✓ Improved the responsiveness of multi-calendar support.

    ✓ Crash on sync, non-synced parts.
    ✓ Unregistered added/edited events.
    ✓ The loading times for event views.

    Coming soon:
    More more calendar management tools, more user interfaces...
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    Lots of 1 star app store ratings for the app crashing or not opening....not investing $5 until that's fixed.
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    Nov 18, 2009
    Version 3.0.0 released

    This is the third big update of GoCal for iPhone.
    It includes complete redesign of application, as well as some amazing new features for your use.

    Most noteworthy changes:
    - New Month, Day, Week and List views.
    - Fullscreen Day, Week, Month (Pinch to enable).
    - Calendars Sharing.
    - Very fast synchronization.
    - Ability to use only built-in calendar.
    - New way to preview events.
    - And a lot more miscellaneous ones...

    - Improved auto-sync.
    - Fixed reminders sync.
    - Fixed crashes upon adding/editing events.

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