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Going full screen with an external monitor changes the screen colour in Youtube and other platforms.


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Sep 28, 2020
I have this problem when connecting my MacBook Pro 13" to an external monitor, the colour change when going full screen in videos when web browsing.

this happens in all the browsers except Firefox. I noticed that the full screen mode is different because Firefox doesn't add another desktop like the other browsers when going full screen.

It happens all the time in chrome. In Safari It happens most of the time.

The screen is turning purple (the videos run with a purple background). This start to happen after the time toolbar is going down in the fullscreen mode.

I tried to change the cable, tried with other monitor (still the problem appears).

Important thing to mention that I have a friend with the same MacBook Pro as mine and he has the same problem.

Changing colour's display is a no go too.

I even tested it on my sister's AirBook, it doesn't happen to her (it works just fin).

hope someone can help me and my friend with this.

Thanks in advance
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