Going on a long trip: What's the best Cloud service to share uncompressed videos with friends?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by palmerc2, Dec 2, 2015.

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    I am going on a 6 month trip around the world, and will be taking videos with my GoPro to document my travels. What's the best way to share the uncompressed videos with friends and family? I will be shooting 1080p / 60fps. I will only be equipped with my iPhone 6S Plus, and an internet connection.

    My intention is to upload all videos I import to my iPhone from the GoPro app directly to a Cloud service, in full original quality, and delete from my phone to save space. I will later download all to my computer when I'm back in the States. Sharing the videos is my main goal, where from the Cloud service I can provide a link (or other method) and send to friends and family.

    I've done some research and it seems as though Flickr and Dropbox compresses the videos, and while Amazon Cloud Storage would be perfect as it doesn't compress theres no way to share the files (as far as I've read).

    I appreciate all input.

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    How are you trying to share these videos? I have Amazon Cloud Storage and I can see Message, Mail, and Flickr as options for sure on the iOS version. I don't use the Mac Desktop App frequently, so I can't say. Also, I don't have Facebook or Twitter, so I can't speak to those, but the first three share options are there.

    The other option I would suggest you consider is SmugMug. I am not fully aware of compression issues with video. I am 99% certain they do not compress images, and I believe it is the same case with video.
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    You can also look into Google Drive and OneDrive. Don't know if they compress files or not, but you can share from them.

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    After doing a little research, I found out Google Photos is free to upload as many photos and videos you want, however yes they are compressed. There is the option of uploading uncompressed photos and videos, which counts against your Google Drive storage. It includes 15GB free, or $1.99 a month for 100GB.....no problem paying it.

    I've already done a couple of tests for uploading / sharing videos taken natively on my 6S and they look great, plus they're so easy to share....looks like I found my solution.
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    I use photobucket and i am very happy with them
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    Op. If u are going around the world and trying to upload 4K video to the "cloud". The problem you will face is finding reliable (and affordable) fast internet.

    Where exactly do you plan to upload these GoPro 4K videos while around the world? And some will charge per GB or maybe Per MB.

    My suggestion is to buy a portable hard drive and 2-3 64GB (or 128gb microSD) cards. Transfer them to ur portable hard drive first. The internet cloud may get super expensive or be super slow trying to upload in other parts of the world.

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