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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Blackhawk2006, Dec 24, 2006.

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    Dec 21, 2006
    I recently brought a set of these speakers from a shop but mine came with a remote. i paid a total of £30 and i am glad what i got and definately beats the logitec istation3 my sister has ... heres why and an example of where one can purchase these speakers:

    Summary of specs:
    2 x 6 Watts (6 watts per channel and two speakers) - double of the istation 3s speakers.
    it has a small bass/subwoffer at the back (sorry for spelling)
    remote is useful for volume but changing songs has to be done using the ipod it self (not sure what other speakers do).
    uses an ac adaptor as a power source.

    My opinion on sound quality:
    Sound quality is great and the volume goes loud enough for a small party in a medium sized living room. The sound is not tinny or poor which you might expect from poor speakers.

    Usefulness of the manual:
    I found the manual simple and with an easy set up guide which helped.

    These speakers can not fold up or run of batteries of any kind and therefore uses the a mains plug. I suppose its okay but it doesnt come with any sort of case or travelling pack.

    Other specs and features :
    These speakers also act as a docking station for the ipod.Therefore charging the ipod. It can also sync with your pc via a usb cable but i have not had chance the test this feature. It also comes with a cable to link it to other devices such as mp3 players , cd players or an extra set of speakers.
    The Speakers are avaialbe in a number of colours inc. Black, white, blue, pink, green, and silver.

    I used this with my 1st gen ipod nano 2gb and it runs like a charm! definately worth £30 and should be looked at by anyone interested in a good set of ipod speakers.

    Please leave any comments or questions you might have below or indeed opinions of your own.

    Thank you.
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