good lens to upgrade to? 28-135...also upgrade form xsi to mark II

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by backinblack875, Mar 27, 2012.

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    this one:

    i have a these 3 already.
    2. (stock, replace this one?)

    i like the idea of having a lens that i can use for most things and that i don't have to change between a zoom and regular. given my current lens portfolio, is this a good buy or unnecessary?

    and also upgrade from Xsi to Mark II??? id like the ability to take pictures in much lower light....iso 25600?!?!?! is this noisy as S*** or what?
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    Mar 7, 2011
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    You have exactly the same current lens collection I have for my T3.

    From a focal range point of view, you pretty much have that entire range covered with your current setup, except for the gap from 55mm to 75mm. The only thing that lens would add is coverage in that gap (plus IS from 75mm to 135mm), and, as you said, remove the requirement for you to switch lenses. If that's all you're looking for, giddy up.

    However, if you want to add lower light capability, you could also look for something faster, in the f/2.8 range, like the lenses ourabmen mentioned. With the right purchase, you can also get a broad focal length range to avoid switching lenses. This is the direction I'm heading in for my next lens purchase. It won't get you the low-light performance of the 5D Mark III with the ISO cranked through the roof, but it does let you gather more light, without the noise penalty.

    However, my purchase is a ways off still, so I can't suggest any specific lenses. Just my thought process on a similar situation.
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    Know that your EF-S 18-55 won't work on your 5D mkII.
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    Seems to me like that would just add more overlap in your lenses. Ultimately, you'd probably still want to keep the stock lens. Your tele would only be useful when you need to go very far and the 50mm would still be a better lens for portraits and slight telephoto.

    As for 5DmkII. I think you'd be better off investing in better lens. With that kind of lens, you'll still be stuck at f/5.6 and still boosting the ISO way too much, not to mention the optical quality. Maybe getting a t2i, a t3i or a 60d, and putting the rest of the cash in a fast zoom be a better investment.
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    Even if it hypothetically did, that'd be a crime ;)
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