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From the Wall Street Journal:
Apples: Two of the absolute finest laptops around don't run Windows. They are Apple's PowerBook and iBook models, and they run the new Macintosh OS X operating system. The Titanium PowerBook, just revamped slightly, is a spectacular 5.3-pound model with a huge, vivid screen, up to one gigabyte of memory, and very large hard disks. It costs between $2,499 and $3,799. The smaller, consumer-oriented iBook weighs just under 5 pounds and costs between $1,199 and $1,499. It has 128 megabytes of memory and 15- or 20-gigabyte hard disks, and has an excellent 12.1-inch screen. The iBook gets over four hours of battery life. A larger iBook with a 14.1-inch screen, which weighs a pound more, goes for $1,799.

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Nov 1, 2001
You have to love the free publicity! This is great and I have to agree that the Apple notebooks are on the top. But sometimes this sort of thing is less a careful evaluation of the product and more of an emotional reaction to something as cool as a TiPB. Certain other PC notebooks have better performance and options than the Apple ones. I love my TiPB and wouldn't have gone with anything else.:D
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