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Discussion in 'iPad' started by jazz1, Feb 27, 2010.

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    AT&T already collects 30/mo for Data, tethering was going to further cripple their network so they make excuses and delay it (or hope we forget about it). Meanwhile a new product means they can charge more $$ per month to new customers so they will take your money and just hope their network doesn't fall apart at the seams. They know they would get considerable criticism for trying to charge an iPhone user $30 for "data" and then $30 more for "data" if you tether. The iPad is a new device with it's own 3g radio so they can justify it and people will pay with little resistance.
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    Oy, talk about a waste of column inches...

    When can we buy one? - end of march
    When can you preorder one? - who cares, the release date is still end of march and Apple don't often do pre-orders anyway...
    Will AT&T delay the 3G version? - Uh, no, because it's just another device on their network same as the iPhone. And prices have been announced. Idiot.
    Where will the missing iPhone apps show up? - God knows, assume never and you won't be disappointed. Also, is this REALLY the forth most asked question about the iPad? Really?
    Will there be new 'gestures' we don't yet know about - Again, is this REALLY a pressing concern? Look at the SDK for a good indication.

    Actually, sorry, I was going to go through them all but I'm loosing the will to live reading this drivel. Of the others 3 are nothing to do with Apple, 3 are the same question asked three different ways (censoring), 2 are UI questions that have already been answered and 2 are pure speculation. Is this really all you have to do to earn a paycheck as a tech writer these days?
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    It sounds like the guy just listed the first 15 topics he found in the iPad forum here.
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    When are people going to start being punished for writing this crap.
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    to be fair - does the average consumer have access to the SDK? And isn't the SDK under a NDA? Could the author - just supposing here - just asking questions to provoke readers to wonder even if HE/SHE knows the answer

    What happened to writing information for the average joe. So many people want to convince others that the iPad isn't for the techno geek but for Mr. Smith who doesn't know much 'bout them darn puters.
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    This is by far your best post ever. :D
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    that'll learn me to talk on the phone and type at the same time!
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    wow just wow. these questions where horrible.

    does he now what 60 days mean?

    att never delayed a iphone so they are defiantly not on a device as an ipad not to mention there network is going back up.

    who cares about those apps.

    and it looks like he copied the thread with the blank button on the dock

    it obvious that if a macbook can have one this can too.

    just garbage

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