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Google calendar and contacts


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Sep 13, 2019
If I didn’t have vested time and interest with Google I would get rid of it immediately but I can’t.

is there a way to move your contacts from Google to Apple iCloud and the same for the calendar?


Feb 8, 2002
Haven't done this exact thing in a while; but…

You at least used to be able to find a simple .ical (or similar) link to the calendars (in their webUI); which you could simply force to download to your computer. Then you'd end up with a file that any semi-competent calendar app can open.

Should be the same with contacts; because it's a similar simple format underneath it all.

If you don't find anything like that you can just ping me here and I one way or another will put together some sort of guide or sumthin (perhaps not before this weekend, though).
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