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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 14, 2007.

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    I guess I don't understand the point of this article.

    The only correlation mentioned in the article is that they're supposedly not targeting each other's market. But, the way I see Android, its point is to drive down the cost of development and handsets. And to have a standarised platform with which to base devices in the future. Both of these things run counter to Apple's intent for the iPhone.

    Apple's already felt the pinch of its pricing structure regarding the iPhone. I don't see a cheap-o device that has just enough features of the iPhone as helping Apple's bottom line. I just don't see how they're complementary to a degree greater than the degree of their competition. Saying these two are complementary is, in my mind, equivalent to saying Windows is complementary to Mac OS X.

    Has any such thing been unveiled as being an "Android-based phone?" I mean, I've seen the stuff that was in the demo vids, but I think it's way too premature to even say something like this.

    And what's to say that this can't be implemented in high-cost handsets? I haven't looked at the SDK, but there's nothing that, if limited today, says it can't or won't be adapted in the near future. That's the point of the SDK -- it will evolve.
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    Apple can give away the iPhone and still earn $240 per unit ... it gets a $10 per month subsidy from AT&T for every one sold for the length of the contract. The economics of the product are so good that Apple has nothing to fear from Google ... they have plenty of pricing flexibility if they need to use it.
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    Instead of Windows vs OSX in a few years it may be gphone vs iphone. Mainstream vs Apple.

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