GoReader - the fastest way to read the RSS news with the most comfort.

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    GoReader - the fastest way to read the RSS news with the most comfort.

    With GoReader you can:

    GoReader fully syncs all your feeds, news, news states with the most speed. We made the GoReader - the fastest news reader in AppStore ever.

    You can read all your RSS news in many types, with many customization and what is more - in the most comfortable way for you. Google sync allows you to read news even in offline mode.

    We put a lot of time and effort into interface prototyping and design. Now GoReader is the most comfortable iPhone news reader ever created, you won’t get tired reading news or browsing the app.

    One of the most important things in news - is managing. You can star and unstar your news, you can keep the news unread for future use and one of the most important you can sync all of that with Google.

    With fast built-in browser you can read the news from their source - just tap any link - and browser will show it.

    GoReader supports multiple google accounts, supports even Google Apps accounts, so using many accounts and switching between them is fast and easy-to-use.

    The app supports adding the subscriptions, customization for reading the news and other awesome features...

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    Nov 18, 2009
    Version 1.8.0 released

    What's new

    New features:
    ✓ The ability to reorder subscriptions in folders. Check "Subscriptions Management" in settings.
    ✓ Drag-to-read article changer.
    ✓ Pulldown-for-fullscreen to enable full text reading (iPhone).
    ✓ Button to enter/exit fullscreen for full text reading (iPad).
    ✓ New button to enter/exit fullscreen in full text reading (iPad).
    ✓ App is now compatible with iOS 4.0+ only. Please update your firmware.

    ✓ Improved user experience for determining sync status.
    ✓ Reworked how preview for news is being generated, now fully functional.
    ✓ Improved image caching, now even more reliable.
    ✓ Improved subscription icon fetching, more reliable as well.
    ✓ Improved image size in articles, now they are automatically resized to fit the screen.

    ✓ Fixed a problem with an unrecognized email field on account creation.
    ✓ Fixed the usage of special characters in passwords, now fully supported.
    ✓ Fixed the refreshing of current reading list on sync finish.
    ✓ Fixed unread/starred/shared news two-way sync.
    ✓ Fixed non-working settings.
    ✓ Fixed a crash on browser zoom.
    ✓ Fixed rare random crashes.

    Coming soon:
    More robust subscription management, even more customization options...

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