Got a Chromecast? Want 2 months of Hulu+ AND 3 months of Google Music free?

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    It doesn't matter if you have had the subscription before or if you have owned your Chromecast for a day or a year.

    Go onto your Android phone, open the Chromecast app, turn your TV on and switch it to the Chromecast HDMI input so you can see the screen and connect your phone/tablet to it.

    All good?

    Now hit the stoplight button in the top right corner of the Chromecast app on your phone and then click 'Check for Offers'. You will have 2 offers available. Hulu and Google All Access. Click 'Redeem' for each one. Profit.

    Note: this will only work with Android, not iDevices. I just did it and it works and I was an All Access member when Google first came out with it. Enjoy.

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    Oct 27, 2009
    Thanks for sharing, don't plan on ever subscribing to Hulu, but two months is a good trial period. :)

    I'm already a Google All Access subscriber.

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