Got a copy of Crackdown today

Discussion in 'Games' started by pcypert, Feb 13, 2007.

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    Jul 19, 2006
    Hey all,
    Don't ask the details as I'm not sure the guidelines on these boards....maybe PM me. Was in my local shop for games and Xbox 360 stuff to get a grip for my controller and to pick up Gun and Condemned (want some short, light gaming)...saw they had Crackdown sitting there. I thought, this is odd. Kept asking them over and over if it was the full deal and they didn't do some fancy packaging to try and sell the demo to folks (this shop would try something like that). They kept insisting it was the full game, master and all.

    I was skeptical, but know I can take stuff back there if it's not as they say. Played it for about three hours and never got locked out of things to do or I have full function.

    Of note for I'm not a hardcore gamer so keep that in mind.

    There's Saints Row caliber people driving with no cars :)

    Eventually my eyes didn't even notice the shading anymore and the rest of the details look quite nice.

    Running over people still hasn't gotten old to me...even 5 years later ;)

    I like the Halo-esque health bar.

    Like the cars, ramps, etc...can't wait to do a coop with the ramp truck!

    Don't like that within 10 minutes of play time the stupid computer had given me something like 10 quests or something. I was driving around and I swear they were giving me quests every 30 seconds or something. I couldn't keep track really.

    Gameplay is very simple and intuitive for me.

    I bought the Japanese version and there was no Halo code or anything like that with mine. Don't know if mine was some test copy or what's going on. All in all I'm satisfied. I don't think I was expecting that much going in and I am more than satisfied with the gameplay, options, graphics, etc. I'm interested to see if more bugs will present themselves as the game goes on. I've seen the no car driver thing probably 4-5 times already...

  2. MRU Suspended


    Aug 23, 2005
    looks like a patch will have to issued shortly after its release to correct that then :)

    enjoy :D
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    Aug 20, 2005
    Thank you Jah...I'm so Blessed
    Enjoy the game pal...give it a few before others get their hands on the game and start complaining about the bugs...they'll fix it.


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