got great deal on 1st gen w/applecare, however vibration broke + there is a tiny dent

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Ride9650, Apr 26, 2009.

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    (Mods: I know this is a repeat, I thought I should repost since I didn't word the subject line all that well. Please delete other post.)

    So I got a fantastic deal today on a first gen 8 gig iphone with applecare! Its in pretty good condition, the only wear being around the top of the phone and even then, the wear isn't that bad.

    Things went good as I was testing it out, however, once I got home, much to my dismay, the vibration motor stopped functioning!

    I don't think its software related unfortunately as when you flick the silent switch, you can hear a very faint click-click.

    However, like the subject says there is a tiny dent near the silent switch. Though its possible, I highly doubt it was because of dropping the phone, given that the major wear and tear seems to be towards the top of the phone, along the rest of the body, theres a few faint scratches here and there, but nothing huge.

    I am aware that apple won't cover drops, but if its decided that the phone was dropped, will the warranty be void? Or is that stipulation just simply to keep people who abuse the casing from getting a new phone.

    I'm not exactly concerned, as the price was good enough that I'm sure I can at least break even as is, but if I decide to keep it, it'd be nice to get it fixed.

    Trying to find warranty description on apple site, thought I'd post here too in the meantime.

    UPDATE: well I found the doc, and the way I read it, it looks like apple simply doesnt cover those sorts of claims, but the damage won't void warranty. Am I reading things right?

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    The damage does indeed void the warranty. They could sat that whatever caused the dent is causing any problems it may have. You may be able to get someone on a good day tho.
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    You don't have to repost, next time you can simply edit the title.

    But anyways...

    Just go in and talk to a genius, it all depends on who you get. Some will wanna be *******s, some are nice. I'm sure they're reasonable enough to know that phones do get dropped all the time, so hopefully the dent won't cause any problems.

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