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iPod Got new Classic, itunes on laptop not compatible.


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Sep 23, 2020
Had a 7th gen classic back from like 2007ish, finally died about a month ago. Got a brand new sealed Classic ipod off eBay, that is dated as produced in 2009 (7th gen, won on an auction). I hooked it up to my laptop that has iTunes 10.6 on it, and error message states that the iPod cannot be used because it requires iTunes 10.7 or higher.
I have all my music saved on that laptop and on a separate hard drive. That old laptop is piss slow, but I would need to upload iTunes 10.7 onto my new laptop as well as all my music to the library, then sync all the music to the new Classic I got.
I heard that the newest versions of iTunes cannot sync to Classic iPods, so does anyone know where I can download a good reliable version of iTunes 10.7? I'd rather not go higher than that (unless anyone has a good reason to tell me) bc I like the simplicity of old iTunes.
Any advice? Thanks a bunch!


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Dec 16, 2011
New York
The newest version of iTunes works with every iPod, iPhone, and iPad ever made. If you want to keep an older version of iTunes which might be better for your needs you can download the installer from here.
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