Got one bad apple out of four. What is in your wallet?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AnalyzeThis, Sep 23, 2012.

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    I received and activated 4 new iPhones 5. Everything went pretty much without trouble, but one "little" one was not a happy camper. It all started with failed activation via phone, then iTunes. Then was a trip to ATT store, new sim card and activation. It lasted less than 24 hours only. Phone switched to "No service" and required another trip to ATT store as they said it appears to be "fried". Also ATT tech rep mentioned something about micro SIMs get fried in some iPhones.

    Next day I went to Apple store hoping to exchange the phone as it appears to be a "bad apple" out of bunch. The store was full and next appointment was 2 hours away, so I went to ATT store to let them to replace SIM again just to see what would happen next. They quickly replaced it, and it appears to work, but would not display what network it is on, just ATT. After reboot - it finally displayed 4G, but I noticed, the screen is kind of very dark. So it seems that "next shoe to fall" would be the screen. Indeed, it was acting up weird up until it was quickly replaced at Apple store. It would work correctly only for brief period of time and then it will go dark and would ignore any changes in light condition, including covering light sensor, exposing it to bright light and etc.

    Note: It all started with activation troubles and then went downhill. If you experience activation issue from get go, just watch your phone for any anomalies.

    So hopefully no more surprises for my family... What is your experience?
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    At least you don't have to deal with scratches on the back of your phone like I, and so many others, do! ;)
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    Lol, ur funny. But back on topic, that sucks but I bet apple will take care of ya

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