Got the white iphone 5 and loving it, but i am thinking of giving this a try.........


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Sep 16, 2007
Not going to lie, I love the yellow Lumia 920. The color choices Nokia are using are so vibrant and unique.


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Jul 2, 2009
One reason for getting an iPhone is you are getting the IOS ecosystem. All my previously paid for apps work, all my music. I can control my Apple TV with it, I can airplay onto my TV. the list goes on and on. You cant do that with Lumia.


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Jun 7, 2010
But it's a windows phone right? The app/ecosystem is light years behind Android or iOS. Sure if you want to take pics and surf the web it's fine.

But for true third party app support and future device support with updates/iCloud etc.....the king is Apple.

Android is second in my opinion. But windows? Yikes.....just never even going there. I'll take Android all day long over Windows phones


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Jun 24, 2012

This white Lumia is awesome! Seems whiter than my iphone 5!
I saw a video showing that off a couple days before preorders started and i considered it. It looked nice and was a fresh software. Of course i gave in and preordered 32gb white iPhone 5.(Im loving the iP5 compared to my iP4). I had to go the the att store to fix a probelm i was having with my ip5 (nothing major, just activation stuff) and while i was waiting my turn I looked at the "competition". Haha giving them that is an overstatement. A phone should be based on the total product not their individual features. The Galaxy s3 or whatever is like an Ipad its massive its like a Iphone with 2 otterboxes on it. The lumia is less big but still fills up you entire hand. Nothing compares to iPhone in my opinion.