Got tired of the wait - ordered 13" MBP 2.53GHz/4GB/250GB


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Jan 17, 2008
MacConnection has a $75 rebate on the MacBook Pro 13" 2.53 GHz model, no tax, free shipping... bottom line price of $1399.

I decided I was ready to upgrade my 2.2GHz white MacBook so I pulled the trigger on this mid-line MBP. I bought the midline as I plan to let it go to my wife later in the year and she doesn't need the hottest 'puter goin' for what she does (surfin' and e-mail mostly).

Realizing that the new MB Pros will likely be in user's hands in another month or two, buying this intermediate MB Pro will allow me plenty of time to let the forthcoming new line of MB Pros be out and real-world tested for a couple more months after they begin shipping and THEN I will select my next-gen MBP. And at that time... I will pass the 13" MBP I'm buying now over to my wife and we can sell off our older white MacBooks.

This is my way of getting some "new Mac" instant gratification, which will also make it MUCH easier for me to relax and take my good sweet time in sitting back and evaluating how the new line up works out in the real world, study the user reviews for a couple of months after release, and deciding then from whatever the new line up of MB Pros wind up being.

I'm afraid that if I didn't buy this new MB Pro today, I would have a very hard time NOT immediately jumping into the next gen MB Pro fray right when they come out... rather than being able to sit back and observe the feedback for awhile before buying.

Well... that's how I'm "rationalizing" my eager purchase of a new MB Pro today! ;) :D Eagerly awaiting the new MB Pro's arrival next week!

P.S. I happen to also have a variety of other Macs in my home-based photography business to meet higher use needs (MacPro, iMacs, MacMini, etc.). The MB Pro will be mostly for fun and travel convenience and will certainly take the edge off my anticipation of the new MB Pros.


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Feb 21, 2009
That's actually a very good initiative for the purchasing of macs. I too, recently upgraded to a 13" MacBook Pro, albeit the slower model, but my university had it brand new for $999. A price even with tax Amazon can't beat.

The thing is, my last mac experience was a top of the line 15" which I purchased right when the unibodies first arrived. I have to say, the battery sucked and had I waited for a 2nd gen, would've got the 7 hour battery instead.

Bottomline: unless you have a burning desire for the cutting edge, it's smarter like you said to wait out until revised versions come out for every new Apple product.

Gabriel GR

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Jul 12, 2009
Athens, Greece
Honestly, if I had a mac pro to use at home I wouldn't even care about the performance bump in the laptops.

I'm pretty sure that waiting for the new 12-cores etc would kill me.