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    Interesting story about the City of Chattanooga vs AT&T at
    AT&T fights to keep your internet as slow as possible

    Last February, the Federal Communications Commission made history by taking sweeping action to promote a fast, fair, and open internet. Their net neutrality ruling made the most headlines, but a second ruling preventing states from blocking localities seeking to develop municipal broadband was nearly as huge. Both have been fought tooth and nail—and taken to court—by industry. That's made Chattanooga, Tennessee, ground zero in a war financed by AT&T.

    Chattanooga's neighbors would like to set up a similar arrangement, but AT&T, which delivers much slower broadband in the area — when it delivers at all — is trying to block the plan, saying the government should not compete with private enterprise.

    Who says corporations always do it better? ;)
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    B-b-but this company wants to compete! an area where it has a de facto monopoly..
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    That's a disingenuous way of describing 20 MB/s. Perhaps it's not quite enough for 4K netflix, but it's above average.

    Right now, there aren't many applications that require 1 GB/s connections.
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    Flint Michigan?
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    Doesn't it get enough in corporate welfare and other perks that we can't enjoy?

    Or, for a better point, do their employees and execs use memory foam anything, transitions lenses, velcro, the internet, and other things that started out as government projects but later were shared or given to the corporate sector??
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    I'm sure you meant 20 Mb/s. Because 20MB/s is very fast. And I'm pretty sure AT&T ain't providing that.

    20 Mb/s might be "above average" for some podunk area of Kansas, but 20Mb/s is quite slow compared to other nations which enjoy much better internet services, and 20Mb/s is about the slowest I would accept for getting work done at home.

    I am so glad I didn't go to AT&T. My neighborhood of 410 homes has a Facebook page for community discussion. I don't think a week has gone by where someone hasn't posted "Is everyone's AT&T internet out again?" And the discussion usually has dozens of respondents, all with internet outages. Now, you might say that it's normal to have an outage here and there. But this is weekly. And not just for 15 minutes. There have been times where they have not had internet for 5-10 DAYS. This has been going on for years. And AT&T has done little about it. I cannot believe all the people still pay AT&T for service.

    At least my Comcast internet has only gone out for an extended time (never more than a day) on two occasions, both related to downed trees. But their customer service is some of the worst I've ever encountered, on purpose.

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