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Jul 26, 2009
So, until recently iOS did a good job of tracking my location and telling when I was home or not. Recently, though, it has begun showing me at the house next door when I'm actually in my own house. As a result, any reminders that are set to fire "when I get home" never fire.

The house next door is really close -- like within a few meters. It SHOULD be so close that the geofence "breaks" no matter what. But it's just not working.

Is there any way to recalibrate my location so that iOS "sees" me at home when I'm at home?

Vlad Soare

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Mar 23, 2019
Bucharest, Romania
I have a similar problem, namely that iOS can't seem to separate the concept of 'home' from that of a postal address. My house is a bit removed from the main road (it's linked to the main road by a short, privately owned driveway). I cannot for the life of me teach iOS where my home actually is. No matter what I do, no matter how many times I put a pin on the exact spot where my house is, it will always default to a spot on the main road. Which is why I, like you, used to miss the 'when I get home' alerts.
My workaround is to make the trigger area larger. When you choose Home as the trigger location you'll see a small map with a pin and a circle around it. Touching and dragging the circle will make it larger. So now the alert will trigger when you're close enough to home. It may not be as precise as it should, meaning that it may trigger when you're within one hundred yards from your house rather than at the precise moment when you step into the house, but at least you won't miss it anymore.
But unfortunately you have to do this each and every time, for each reminder; it won't remember your preference.
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