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iPhone Graffiti Maps-Places Traveled: Save and share all the cool places you've been


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Oct 14, 2020
Hey everyone! I've recently built an app called Graffiti Maps-Places Traveled. It's an application that uses the location data in the images on your phone to build spots that you can save and share with others. I'm hoping that this can be used to build a global social map where you can follow others and get access to all their cool spots.

The reason why I built the app in such a social manner is that I'm hoping that the app can be used for very niche things. For example, certain people you follow will have certain trends or similar interests as yourself. So if you like really grungy cafes, then follow someone who has a similar taste. You like small pubs, follow someone else who likes small pubs. Or whatever little things you're interested in!

You can also organize your spots and spots of others using the walls. You can create a wall of any theme, and then attach as many spots to that wall as you want. It's a great tool to use if you want to share a bunch of similar spots, or if you're planning a trip somewhere.

I'm looking for people to add their cool places for either where they live, or from places that they've traveled.
I hope that you all find it to be a useful tool. If not, I'd love to know how I can improve it to make it better.

iPhone Max - English-4 – 1.png

Thanks, everyone!
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