graphic art/production artists...need help on setting up my tshirt/ graphics office..

Discussion in 'Community' started by krossfyter, Jul 20, 2005.

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    okay... i just aquired a new job.. thank god. its a silkscreeing tshirt graphic shop.. you know those basic ones you see in every town or city... nothing fancy.

    the place i work just got bought out.. they are revamping the whole place... bringing it up to date in equipment etc. we run silkscreens, sublimations, etchings, etc. etc. the basics... pretty old stuff.. nothing advanced... that i know of.

    my first time working at one of these places... i used to work as a graphic artist/production artist at a directory service.... did adds..logos..posters etc.

    now what ill be doing here is basically cleaning up files... graphics/logos submitted by clients... making new ones... creating other various graphic related deals... 2d wise that is.. pretty basic... and then output them for sublimations... color seperations ... transparencys etc. etc.

    most of you who know of this type of business know what it takes so i dont have to say much.

    what im asking for help on is basically recommending or advising me one what i need to get (equpment wise) and networking all this to get my part up and running.

    im currently working with thier old system... os 9 (blah).. they have a new mac set up running osx (cool) ...photoshop cs...illustrator cs... the works. i need to get that set up for a new printer that ill be shopping for thats laser and does color seps and sublimations whatever. i need to get all the old files created on os 9 thru illustrator 8 etc. to run on osx illustrator 9 etc.
    all the old junk off the old computer to the new one basically.

    most of this stuff will be taken care of somehow whether i get help or not because the old owner is helping the transition anyways... but it will look good for me if i can take the initiative and push my wieght there... if you know what i mean. plus i really want osx to work for me.... ill be the one using it.. and i dont want to deal with os9 AT ALL.

    i know this is a mouthfull but im throwing this out to see what you all say.
    im looking for advice and help... not someone going on the offensive with me... not here for that. if you dont like what you see and want to down me... just move on .. dont waster your time. on the other hand if you have some friendly advice/suggestions im totally open. thnx.
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    Jan 6, 2005
    You should have no problem opening older files in OSX. All the new versions of Illustrator, Quark, Photoshop etc. open any files created in older versions. The biggest hiccup may be font management. It can be quirky opening older files and having the fonts open correctly. I'm using Suitcase at work and Font Reserve at home. I think Font Reserve works better, but that could be because I do much less design work on my personal machine. That is really the only problem I have had. Just get the latest versions of the major software, and use OSX to your hearts content. However, do not trash Classic completely because you never know when you might need it. For example, occasionally I have to save a Quark 6 file down to 5 in order to create a pdf from it. That is usually because of a quirky font, like I said.

    Hope that helps. Good luck with the new job. :)
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    Jan 13, 2002
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    oh saweet... cool. thnx for that little bit of info on the opening old files osx.
    that takes care of that im guessing. i think i had trouble opening an eps from illustrator 8 with illustrator 10 on osx.... not sure.. ill check for sure.

    thnx again man.
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    Jan 13, 2002
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    okay say i wanted to bring someone in .. a consultent or tech guy whatever you want to call it or its called... that basically does what im asking above... sans the moving the files... but still offering advice. so this guy would help/suggest or maybe set up the network.. consult for the printer... set it up to the mac.. make the mac compatible or suitable for the job im doing. what is this type of person? whats the going rate for a guy like this? and usually where can you find one? i know of someone in my area thats basically the guru on macs (big time)... i know him well... is a professor... and i maybe able to ask him and they could compensate him well i know for sure.
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    Apr 11, 2003
    If they've already got the system andd software set up, what is it you need to do besides plug in the printer? That is, unless you have a server and the printer networked or something. It wouldn't hurt to find someone anyway who can work hourly by appointment for your company. Future problems will inevitably arise. Just look for Mac specialists and see what kind of services they offer. I couldn't tell you prices though, I have no idea.
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    Oct 11, 2004
    On the Left Coast - Victoria BC Canada
    I charge $75 per hour here, rates will vary regionally. In San Diego it's about $125/hr for the same level last time I had to use a remote consultant.

    Can you clarify what you mean by doing sublimations and color seps? If you mean using a dye sublimation printer to do color separations I don't think that's quite correct.

    The screen printing shops here create their own color seps on black and white printers. Xante has an 13" x 25" laser specially made for screen printing, on paper or on Myriad film: ScreenWriter 4
    I have one customer using this machine.

    To find someone, call up some graphic or print shops who aren't directly competitive with your company, and ask them who is the Mac Guru for graphics in town.

    Possible subjects: networking, getting all the software to play nice, defining what the right equipment to buy (hire them for a consult before you make the purchase recommendation to your boss). Installation you may be able to do ok or you may want help. Color calibration and workflow is a subject you almost certainly want to bring in help for.

    Don't forget to set up a rock-solid file backup & restore system as well as a client file archive (CD or DVD-R) system. Document all of your installations down to the last detail and serial number. And get UPS (battery back up) power supplies on at least the servers and network equipment. Create a log book where you diarize all systems, installations, modifications and crashes.

    Discuss whether Applecare would be right fro your company. Explore other onsite service contract options that may provide faster turnaround and/or loaner equipment. In a production environment deadlines=time=money so you want to minimize the risk of downtime.


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