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Discussion in 'Community' started by krossfyter, Dec 14, 2003.

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    Jan 13, 2002
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    Whats the average charge for doing a bussiness card?... A simple one... just layout and text issues no graphics.

    Anyways... I just want to know what the going rate for that would be.

    flate rate and hourly rate

    What would the the flat rate and or hourly rate be on this job...

    Full poster for an indepedent movie. Color, Images, Text, Photoshop work. Illustrator work...just for placement... no actual digital illustration at all...this poster would be the main exposure source on the film.

    Just curious as to what that rate would be. I have done extensive work on it and I need to write the rate on the contract soon. Any help would be appreciated. I Apologize for being somewhat clueless on these rates being that they might be obvious to seasoned graphic designers. I did try a search to find these answers but I wasn't succesfull.
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    Apr 24, 2003
    I was charging $60/hour for graphic work, a simple card like that would probably take about 20 minutes, and cost $20. Beyond that it was an hourly deal. Impress upon people that the simpler the card the less it will cost them. Having them provide their own graphics will keep the cost down, having you design their logo etc. will cost a pretty penny. Good luck.

    And if you are new to this, check with the service provider you will use (ie will this be printed or copied, colors, bleeds, cutting charges) and find out if you will be responsible for providing the finished cards or just the so-called "camera-ready" artwork.
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    Jan 2, 2001
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    It depends. U can charge a flat rate for work that u know is simple enough to do that it won't take much time or if there is going to be multiple items (like 20 of the same thing). Hourly rates would apply better for jobs that u are unsure of the timeframe & such.

    There's advantages & disadvantages to both.

    Charging hourly can ensure that your client won't give u revision after revision after revision, and that they will make timely decisions because the longer they drag the project on, the more it'll cost them. On the other hand, this isn't a good option if your project is going to be a short one (unless u decide to charge a set time no matter how long it takes).

    Charging flat fees for jobs can work well also if u are doing an easy job or something that u don't mind having for more or less time. I've charged flat rates for stuff like setting up model comp cards & stuff like that. I pretty much have my layout already done, so it's almost more like a royalty fee for me than design fee.

    For your project, I'd suggest setting an hourly rate. U don't have any way of knowing what amount of work/b.s. it will entail, and in the end it protects both u & the client. I usually charge $45 an hour, which is pretty low. My old printing company used to charge $60 for me when I worked there, and that was still low in some circles. U may want to do some homework & see what the going rate is among freelance designers & agencies, and place yourself in a spot that makes u competitive with them. ;)
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    Dec 30, 2002
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    for 16+ hour projects consider a daily rate. i'm pretty cheap and i get $250.00 a day, 1 day minimum. i lose about $80/day compared to my hourly rate, but the market is supersaturated as it is, and this helps get some more work through the door.
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    thanks guys for all the help. this will significantly aid me in my decision.

    on projects that will take a good while is it okay to go by a daily rate? if so whats the rate there? i know it depends... but say it was applied to that poster i was doing? i just found out that i only logged in days not hours. i thought i did the opposite but apparently not. so thats the prediciment im in. i cant find out for sure what hours i worked on each day but i do know how many days i worked. so i guess now i can only use a flat rate and or a daily rate. yeah i know im a dumba*s but i have learned from this. wont do it again.


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