Graphical Problems with Firefox/Safari,Skype, on an XT 750gb running SL

Discussion in 'macOS' started by soanis, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. soanis macrumors regular


    Apr 15, 2013
    Hello all,

    I recently bought a seagate momentus xt 750gb to replace my stock 5400rpm drive in a penryn (black) Macbook 4.1 (early 2008).

    Everything went well with the installation of Snow Leopard, plus all of the latest updates have been installed.

    I've been having some issues with graphics however, whenever I'm running skype along with firefox or safari I get weird graphical glitches and crashes of both Firefox/Safari and Skype (everything is the latest version)
    ..sometimes only Skype crashes...But the crashes are quite often and it gets annoying.

    I've been using the built-in screenshot shortcut to get images to show you guys what I mean, I will post later...

    Anyone else been having similar problems? btw I've looking around for a firmware update but didn't find any. Are there any?

    I am right now running the 64-bit version of SL using the 6 and 4 shortcut to just see if I also get the same problem as in 32-bit.So far so good.

    I'll try to post the pics to let you guys see.
    here are some pics

    this is safari


    this is firefox



    The images are cropped screenshots

    Thanks in advance.
  2. koolzuurhoudend macrumors newbie

    Jun 18, 2013
    Same problem here

    I'm facing the exact same problems with the same system config.

    macbook 4.1
    snow leopard (10.6.8)
    firefox 21

    Everytime I use skype (actually video call someone) i get graphical glitches and sometimes i have to restart the machine to get rid of it.

    I don't think your problem is due to the harddisk (I'm using stock disk).
    I suspected the RAM or graphics card.

    Did you upgrade you RAM too? I have 3Gb installed (mixed DDR2-800 PC2-6400 and DDR2-667 PC2-5300)

    Do you meanwhile have a solution?
  3. koolzuurhoudend macrumors newbie

    Jun 18, 2013

    anyone any suggestions...

    did you get rid of th eproblem in the meantime?

  4. throAU macrumors 603


    Feb 13, 2012
    Perth, Western Australia
    It's not the hard drive.

    Its possible you moved something or damaged something whilst installing it - but a hard drive by itself won't cause issues like that.

    Could also maybe be heat related - check you didn't dislodge a connector to a fan while you were in there?
  5. soanis thread starter macrumors regular


    Apr 15, 2013
    hey kool,

    sorry for the late reply,

    I've now moved on to Lion OSX, I suggest you do the same since we've got the same hardware setup (I've got 4GB of RAM, updated in 2011, about to upgrade to 6GB, go for it!)

    I'm using Safari 6.1 which runs smooth even when I Skype, some really really minor graphic glitches, nothing like what used to happen on SL. I can't believe I hadn't done that long ago, I would fear that it would be tough for my penryn to cope with Lion, but I was wrong.

    I'm about to open up and thoroughly clean up the machine, also replace the stock paste (lying there for more than 5 years now :( :eek:) ) so I expect the heating problems to stop as well..

    Good luck and keep that beast alive!
    I call it grandpa penryn :D
  6. koolzuurhoudend macrumors newbie

    Jun 18, 2013
    Hey soanis,
    thank's for your reply. Obviously this problem is not very wide spread. It could not find any help in the internet except here. ;)

    I thought 4GB was the maximum for granpa penryn. Please report if it goes well. Which RAM modules are you using?

    That was my fear too, but i think i'll try Lion soon.
    At the moment i avoid browsing the internet when i skype.

    I lately installed a SSD drive to my macbook. It didn't boost the system as much as i hoped, because the SATA I port limits the hdd speed to 150mb/s (HDD is capable of 300mb/s).
    But it speeds up system boot time and program loading times a lot.

    Are you celbrating granpa penryn's 6th birthday in January?:D

  7. koolzuurhoudend macrumors newbie

    Jun 18, 2013
    10.7 is the way to go


    Updated to Lion and it seems to work for me too. :)

    Hope this helps others out there that are hanging on to their old macbooks.

    Best Kool
  8. soanis thread starter macrumors regular


    Apr 15, 2013
    Yeah Kool, I'm sure you'll see an improvement with Lion, regarding your SSD you will surely get increased disk read times as well.

    I'm currently booted in Snow Leopard and then fan started spinning like crazy as soon as I opened FireFox. This never happens in Lion.

    Regarding RAM, I'm using 2 modules of Kingston KHX5300S2LLK2, 2GB each. I will have to wait for the christmas bonus if I wanna upgrade to 6GB, which I've read is a possible and stable setup for most macbooks, including ours.

    That should help grandpa penryn make it to his 6th birthday, which will be in April! :D


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