Graphics card for 5,1 2010 and 4k monitor?


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Jun 30, 2008
Have a 2010 mp with the original ati 5770 1gb graphics card - can happily edit 4k pro ress 422 in fcp7 (yes 7) and fcpx so really looking for a relatively modest boost just so I can run a 4k monitor at 60hz. Possibly may run a second 1080p monitor at some point in the future.
Less power draw would be good or one hat uses one 6pin connection (like the ancient ati).

Looking at a 28" Samsung cheap 4k monitor (£350) which has hdmi & display port


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Jun 19, 2014
Another option is the P2415Q. That's the monitor I've got (because I intended to run it at a retina resolution, and don't have space on my desk for a 27" monitor.) It's cheaper too, I believe. Really great monitors... there might be better choice now than when I was looking, I can't speak to the Sony you mention.

My 7950 works well and would probably be a safe bet, especially for boosting FCPX.

May I ask in what capacity you're using FCP7?