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Discussion in 'Community' started by Chad4Mac, Jan 16, 2003.

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    Apr 20, 2002
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    A great article in the Wallstreet Journal was written about the 12in PowerBook (front page of MarketPlace). Since the WSJ is a paid subscription journal, I can't post the article. Instead, I will highlight the goods -- no real bads.

    "I've been testing the small Powerbook and Safari Web browser for nearly a week now, and I like both of them."

    "The 12in PowerBook is one sweet little laptop. Sheathed in an aluminun case, it has the feel of a finely made camera.

    "...significantly less expensive than some comparable Windows laptops."

    " ...the little Powerbook felt speedy and sure on every task I threw at it."

    "Despite Apple's reputation for costliness, this little laptop is aggresively priced. To match its base configuration, plus Wi-Fi, for $1,899, you'd have to pay a whopping 2,399 for a Portege 4010..."

    "all in all, the 12in PowerBook is a dandy laptop -- small, relatively inexpensive, yet powerful and beautiful."

    Nice article. Wish you all could read it.

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    Well...I started a discussion about this article (alas, only for the 12" powerbook) in probably the wrong forum (hardware discussion). But what the heck, here is the original thread:

    Just in case anyone wants to post there. :)

    (Oh yeah...I only copied the part on the powerbook review...I can copy the safari as well if anyone wants me to)
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    Walt Mossberg is almost always positive about Apple products while staying realistic. He's usually on CNBC that same day to talk about whatever product was in his article.

    It's always good news for Apple, no matter who posts the story first. :)

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