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Sep 12, 2014
I ultimately got both, ordered a MBR about a hour or so ago via BB with a 10% movers coupon. I bought it as a "family" device. So my 11 year old can do some of his school work on it, my wife can use it since she currently uses her 6 plus as her main device :roll eyes: And i can get my greasy fingers on it :) I just couldn't part with my 2015 MBPR at the moment.

The video basically explains WHAT the machine is intended for and compares numerous tests between the two to show you the gap. But he says in the video for what the Macbook Retina 2015 is "intended" to do, it does great if not exceeds its intents :)

So for those deciding between this two, since the base are the same price. Here ya go.:apple:
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