Great news!!! For those who see backordered, you might get your phone today!!!!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by vivicat215, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. vivicat215, Oct 14, 2011
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    vivicat215 macrumors newbie

    Oct 7, 2011
    I ordered 2 iphone4s on the 7th around 3:30pm est, till now i still see only one with tracking no. with ups, the other still shows "preorder" on premier site.

    But my husband just called me said he received the "preorder" one from Fedex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WTF is going on with AT&T, they sent 2 phones through different delivery companies!!!!!!!! Now i just need to count down for the ups truck coming for mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So don't be too upset of those ppl who have similar status cuz you have a great chance to get your phone today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Acousticat macrumors newbie

    Feb 20, 2009
    Same situation here

    We ordered 2 64Gb through AT&T Premier on the morning of the 7th. One white one black. Got a UPS tracking number for the black one and was hoping that the white one was on the truck as well. UPS just delivered the black one but not the white one. I log into our account to find out what is going on and see that they had just shipped the white one via Fedex today @ 3:00 pm from Fort Worth, TX!:eek: It's being shipped overnight so it should be here tomorrow morning. Maybe AT&T Premier got their lot of white phones late or something:confused:

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