Green Shoots, Pt. II

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by vrDrew, Feb 3, 2017.

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    In spite of the spate of blunders, insults, lies ("alternate facts"), and plainly dreadful policy proposals and orders coming out of the Trump Administration over its first two weeks - there are (believe it or not) actually a couple of news items that would suggest a movement towards - shall we call it - reasonableness.

    The first, and IMHO, the most important is that the Trump White House has communicated that it will not be rolling back the sanctions on Russia until such time as it withdraws its troops from Crimea and stops supporting the rebels in Eastern Ukraine. IMHO, premature rollback of these sanctions would have been troubling from the perspective of setting a dreadful precedent for Vladimir Putin's aggressive expansionism. And quite frankly raised some disturbing questions as to why Donald Trump would be doing that.

    The second is sending a clear message to Israel's Government to cease its settlement building activities on the West Bank. Bibi Netanyahu seems to have radically overplayed its hand there, announcing last week a virtual frenzy of settlement-building.

    The last seems to have been the decision to respond to Iran's ballistic missile test with some additional sanctions. These, however, would seem to be restricted to companies and individuals who were supplying the Iranian missile program. And are consistent with the Nuclear Accord Framework.

    I guess into this basket of "good" news I'd also toss the nomination of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. Gorsuch s a highly qualified Judge. And while philosophically Conservative - he is no Robert Bork. Conservative but reasonable, he is noted for making a number of rulings disallowing evidence in criminal cases that was obtained illegally. Democrats are murmuring about putting up a fight, but I think that's a bad idea. Gorsuch should receive a thorough hearing, with Committee members asking him tough questions - but unless some horrible legal skeleton comes up - I think they should allow his nomination to go forward.

    What is behind this apparent change in tone in some elements of the Trump White House is an interesting question. I personally see the influence of DefSec James Mattis in many of the Foreign Policy moves. Mattis is smart enough to know that the last thing the US wants is another war in the Middle East. The genesis of the message to Israel about settlement-building? That could be the word of son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka. Unless Kushner is an idiot (and there is no reason to believe he is) he has to know that rampant West Bank settlement-building is a surefire guarantee that Israel will never have peace. Maybe Kushner (or Tillerson) harbor dreams of brokering a comprehensive peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Good luck to them. I wish them well, but there are far more thorny issues still be tackled before that goal is anywhere near being met.
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    Wow, you must've had a GREAT Friday to be so positive about the current administration ;)

    I think that Mattis and Tillerson's appointments have been pivotal for reviewing some of the strategies on more complex issues (that is, not the wall) that might cause further problems down the road. It is possible that Tillerson's nomination was to assure Putin that the US had all the good will of the world - and also, to add a personal relationship in the diplomatic mix - but the last development suggests that in any case the US will not back down from certain position without reassurances. Foreign policy is going to be very interesting in the months to come.
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    There's a reason Democrats had more support for Mattis over any other nominee, even if he did cause some concern over civilian control of the military. Hopefully he can push back on Bannon's outsized and dangerous influence.

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