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    Former. Texas Governor Rick Perry, this morning before the Senate Committee overseeing his confirmation as Secretary of the Dept. of Energy.

    I can't say I'm totally surprised by this statement. Obviously as part of the transition process Gov. Perry spent a fair amount of time actually talking to the scientists, engineers, military and intelligence officers, and bureaucrats who actually do the work of the Department of Energy. And during that time, he probably came to the realization that they were not dull-headed paper-pushers too lazy and incompetent to get a job with a good old-fashioned Texas oil company. He also got a more accurate picture of what the DoE actually does.

    But part of me has to wonder about the fundamental dishonesty that allows an otherwise intelligent man to spout the sort of silly nonsense that he did in a Republican primary debate stage and appearances on Fox News opinion shows. Why weren't principled, intelligent Conservatives and Republicans pushing back to Governor Perry then?

    When Governor Perry got to see what the DoE actually does, he changed his mind on a number of issues, including:

    Maybe Conservatives ought to start asking themselves what other issues they might be being misinformed on.

    But in the meantime, I'll give credit to Rick Perry for having the intellectual honesty, and decency, to learn from his mistakes.
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    I am not a Perry fan, but what he said (and what he's saying) is admirable.
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    My question would be why is economic growth now the most important factor in the argument, one that cannot be compromised? Surely you don't want to cripple the economy, but it isn't realistic to expect growth to continue unaffected. Is society harmed if growth isn't as robust as it would have been if GW wasn't a reality? I don't see why it would be.

    I do at least appreciate that we appear to be moving past the doubts of whether GW is real to the far more interesting issue of what we are willing to do about it.
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    I'm going to bump this one last time, because it's the most important question that I've seen discussed lately.

    Does economic growth trump all other priorities?

    Is this the new measure of what we can/should accomplish?
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    I don't think it trumps all other considerations, but growth has been slow in the US since the financial crisis, and even worse in the EU and Japan. Two quarters of negative growth is the textbook definition of a recession, and the last thing we or any developed country need right now is for that slow growth to reverse.

    That being said, when Rick Perry says he doesn't want to compromise economic growth, he means, "We should do something as long it doesn't screw the Texas oil industry."

    Of course, with Exxon-Mobil's CEO about to become Secretary of State, I don't think he has to worry.
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    For starters I think wages for ordinary people are far more important.
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    Growth has been fine.
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    Growth has been very slow and negative in some quarters since the financial crisis, all around the developed world. That's a fact- not an opinion- that has been well-covered in financial media, and some talking heads refer to it as the New Normal meaning a period of weak growth and subdued inflation.

    From the US Chamber of Commerce:

    This subject is well-beyond the scope of the thread, but if you're interested:

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